CTIC has two main roles.
1. To support the parishes in making the community of diversity and religious services or evangelization for non-Japanese speakers.
2. To support non-Japanese nationals and their family to explore possible ways to solve the problems that they are facing in daily life.

Support for self-reliance

Consultation concerning daily life issues(CTIC office in Meguro Church)

We support the non-Japanese residences and their families to find possible ways to solve the issues concerning daily living, workplace or visa, etc. with the cooperation of parishes, other NGOs or labor’ unions. If possible we help them connecting to public support.


Support for refugee status applicants(Catholic Hongo Church)

We distribute some food, clothes, shampoos, soaps etc. for refugee status applicants in from 12:00-16:00 Tue, Wed, and Thu. Refugee status applicants can receive the support once a month.


Support for the detainees


Support for creating the church community beyond borders

Church Map

You can find the nearest church.


Textbooks and other materials are available for purchase.